Science Programs

The Science program in Básicos integrates general knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, in order to understand nature in an interdisciplinary context. The main purpose is that students develop critical thinking and scientific reasoning as a result of a continuous practice of the scientific method and the use of technology to improve the social and natural environment where they live, leading to meaningful learning. Starting this year, teachers will rotate between the 1o, 2o and 3o Básico as the school year goes by. The reason for this is the optimization of each teacher’s expertise in a specific area of knowledge.

The instruction program includes hands on activities, laboratories and integrated projects such as Science Fair, with the purpose that students keep learning through self-discovery and contact with reality.

In 5to. Bachillerato the courses are Biology and Chemistry. These courses place a strong emphasis on the complexity of each subarea and an educational experience through research and scientific curiosity, leading students to become enthusiastic learners who use science not simply as accumulation of information but a way to discover the world and learn from it.